Introducing a New Learning Solution for your Organization's Training Needs
Train your Busy Employees Anytime and Anywhere Cost Effectively

A learning portal to allow organizations to bring their educational and administrative services together online. The LSS system allows organizations to deliver high-quality education materials, combined with efficient registration and management facilities.

  • Online student enrollment and administration
  • Course authoring and simulation tools
  • Content management services
  • Tracking and reporting learner progress
  • Testing, certification and results measurement
  • Ability to integrate with third-party content
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Scalability (grows with business)

The 724Learning Services System has been developed to allow organizations to bring their educational and administrative services together online. Addressing the needs of operating a profitable organization with many complex business requirements while at the same time delivering the highest quality educational materials, was the primary goal the system was designed to meet. Using our vast experience in educational systems design, course delivery, and student management in addition to feedback from our partners and clients we have created a system that is developed on the following design principles:

  1. Support of advanced business rules: To support the highly complex business rules required to operate a commercial level educational organization.
  2. Ease of use and administration: The system has been designed to provide a comprehensive set of administrative tools and resources to assist the organization’s administrative and educational staff.
  3. Highly scalable: Using n-tier business objects and multi-server architecture the system has been built to support a small (<5000) to large (>30,000) number of concurrent users.
  4. Open architecture: To allow for the expansion of platform functionality, a high level of customization and integration with many existing systems.
  5. Fully integrated solution: Fully integrated learning management, learning content development and an administration system that provides a means of developing, storing and delivering course content for students via the Internet.
  6. Innovative and proven technology: To take advantage of new technological advancements while at the same time providing a stable and secure operating environment.
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