About 724Learning

Why are we still Here ?

With the advent of knew e-learning technologies there has been of late and amalgamation of mergers, buy-outs and disappearance of e-learning companies. When choosing a solution or a set of tools for which to provide your organization with e-leaning you must be very aware of your solution provider's vision and there ability to provide you with and effective solution that will be used right away and continued for years into the future.

724learning.net comes from an academic institution's point of view. We are not a software shop that has built a proposed software solution that you must adapt to. We are a no-nonsense solution provider that realizes that the value in your content on in the delivery and presentation of that content. This will determine how quickly and efficiently you can transfer knowledge to your student.

Providing you with an e-learning platform is only half the project. We know you must be up and running and efficiently generating content for the on-line environment with a reasonable time to market for your products. The process for generating content your team of professionals need not be a highly complex exercise. Whether it is a team of one or 21, creating an effective production process is what we excel at.

Delivering and creating engaging online content and providing efficient e-commerce enabled administrative services is the way of the future in this quickly evolving industry.

Finding the right partner to get you there is the first and most important decision. You can start with 724Learning. We are a proven systems integrator that will scope and complete your implementation on time and on budget.

e-learning provider, developer and solution provider.

If you need experienced Instructional designers skill sets or want to find one for your team we can assist with helping you web enable your content.

No mater what the industry or the application of the technology we can help you engineer your content and provide you with the tools and the skill sets.

  • Sales force readiness
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Call Center/ Customer Service
    • Customer Education
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