Corporate Overview is a joint venture training company of the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning (CIFP) and the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC). CIFP and IFIC are Canadian companies that have developed a proven model to educate students in all aspects of financial services:
  • 30 years experience in instructional systems design and delivery
  • Proven student administration, registration, examination, and tracking system
  • We operate in over 70 locations across Canada and have distance-learning locations around the world
  • Installations in many locations where we provide content course services
  • Developed, pilot tested, and operated successfully a new online education system, the Learning Services System (LSS) for 5,000 students in the financial services sector
  • 75% of students enrolled in our online education courses complete and pass the course
  • Extensive experience working with strategic partners in the financial and insurance sectors
  • Financially stable organization
  • Growth-oriented organization
  • A reputation for innovative approaches to addressing customer needs has resulted in significant increases in our student enrolment in the past five years
  • Dedicated staff for our LSS operation
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