» 724Learning Services Systemtm

The 724Learning Delivery Studiotm is comprised of the following modules:
»   Content Delivery
»   Assessment Delivery
The 724Learning Administrative Studiotm is comprised of the following three modules:
»   Student Management
»   System Control
»   Communications

Sophisticated delivery and management functionality is the key to personalized learning on the Web.
This is a stand alone learning management system which has the primary purpose to:
  1. Deliver Web-based curriculum and personalized learning services to students
  2. Provide a communication forum between students and instructors
  3. Deliver testing and evaluation services to students and instructors

» The Student Management

The purpose of this module is to provide a complete Web-based, integrated, self-serve registration system that handles course enrolments and event registration.

Primarily, this component of the system allows students, through a personalized student-centric interface and using our secure e-commerce system, to enroll in courses, purchase materials, and register for special events. Member/Client institutions, departments or groups can create profiles, manage instructors, and view registration information about students that enroll in their courses or special events. Every user (i.e. student, company coordinator, administrator and instructor) is provided with a personalized virtual desktop for profile management and access to all Web-based services.

Through this facility, administrators are able to manage students' academic and financial records, manage individual and group registration profiles, set up special events, manage proctors, process financial transactions, and manage exam centres and other event venues. There can be multiple levels of administrators that can assume predefined roles or be assigned individual permissions for various access levels.

In addition, the administrator can set up custom contracts for products and services available to Client institutions. Contracts serve a dual purpose in the system:
  1. As an integral component of the Sales Order Processing system for e-commerce transactions and accounting
  2. As an education services agreement to define product offerings and their associated pricing

» The System Control Module

At the centre of 724Learning Administrative Studiotm lies the System Control Module (SCM). Integration of policies and procedures with business processes is the primary function of the SCM. It contains all business rules and logic that are required to drive all the other sub-systems including:
  1. Academic rules pertaining to program and course completion, including passing marks
  2. Complete list of grading rules for all assessment instruments
  3. Product and transaction pricing tables
  4. Contract terms for all client institutions
The 724Learning Administrative Studiotm ties all these components together into an integrated Web-based learning and administration system.

» Communications

The System also incorporates a robust communications component that sends pre-set notifications to students and allows the administrator to send mass emails to different groups of users.  

» Content Delivery

The Content Delivery Module of 724learning Delivery Studiotm manages the delivery of online programs and courses and provides the student with a number of resources and learning tools, including a facility that will allow them to create and store study notes as they proceed through a course. Navigation of course content has been simplified by representing the course table of contents in the form of an active hierarchical directory, thus allowing students to move through course content in any order that they wish. Since courses can be taken through a standard Web browser, content can include any technology that can be incorporated into Web pages (i.e. DHTML, media files, PDF documents). Moreover, for student groups enrolled through class-based learning, the Virtual Course Manager provides the ability for instructors and students to communicate with each other via email and threaded discussion boards.

» Assessment Delivery

This module is responsable for the delivery of all assesment types both formal and informal. Some of the many features offered include management of :

  • Delivery dates and submision dealines
  • Assesment weighting, marking and grading management
  • Tracking course evaluation per student.
  • Instructor's and administrator's ability to view student results, group results, and statistical data on assessment instruments and institutions.


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